Friday, August 17, 2012

The Day Started Out Like Any Other...

But by the end, I had published a book!

It has been an amazing two days. I published my book, Push on Wednesday and it's been madness ever since. My girl Chris created a Facebook page (D.P. Davidson-Author, in case you wanted to know) and I already have twenty one "likes". I like being liked!

Also, my book has already been downloaded twenty times! I am amazed by all of the support I have been getting and the reviews have been wonderful. The very best part is knowing my book is out there. I don't expect to be famous (in spite of all my braggart-y ways) I just want people to love my characters and their story like I do. So far so good.

So now we sit at the start of the rollercoaster ride. The attendant has pressed the button and here we goooooooooo!!!

Push at Amazon
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