Friday, July 13, 2012

Random Rant #2

I hate technology with a purple passion that rages with the heat of a thousand suns. Mr.D finds my aversion rather annoying.

If I had my way, our van would have windows that roll down by hand, the gas guage would have an actual needle and the doors would require the key to lock/ unlock them. However, newer vehicles do not come that way. Not even the cheaper models.

When Mr. D went to buy a new car a couple of years back, he wanted to get automatic windows and doors. On a Yaris. I said "absolutely not! If you can't manage this...( I leaned slightly to the left and turned an imaginary handle) you shouldn't be driving."

My sister in law and several friends balk at the fact that I have to open and close my van's sliding door myself instead of by the push of a button. I like it that way and do you know why? Because the more electronic junk you have in your car, the more impossible it becomes to use said vehicle when the electronics begin to poop out. And electronics do poop out.

For example, we purchased an older van several years ago. When the electrical system began to fail, the windows wouldn't roll down. The interior lights wouldn't turn off, then they wouldn't turn on. The gas guage stopped keeping track of how much gas I had. The brake lights wouldn't turn off (even when I disconnected the battery) and the doors would not unlock.That one was the most fun.

I would have to push the button of the fob and pull up the handle at the same time, just to open the driver door. Then we all had to pile in from there. I had two little people and I was pregnant with the third. So, the next van we got had the bare minimum of automatic-y things. I do not wish for more.

Then there was the laptop. I needed the laptop for school. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful one can get an education from home and the computer facilitates that, but woe be unto the student whose computer dies two days before classes start. If you take classes online, you HAVE to have a computer. Or you could spend the semester at the library, I guess, but then the convenience of online classes flies right out the window.

Then there is the cell phone. I felt upgraded when I got a QWERTY keyboard on my phone. I thought it was neat that I could take pictures. I'm a simple woman, so it doesn't take much to entertain me and really, making calls, taking pictures and texting is all I can manage but no, Mr. D wanted to upgrade.

Now I have a new phone that does everything under the sun, including breaking when it's dropped. Used to be you could drop your phone and kick it across the parking lot and it would be fine. Now it freaks out if it's dropped from your lap to the ground as you step from the van.

Yes, I've already dropped it.

I'm already becoming dependant on that phone. I used it to find a Dairy Queen yesterday. I'm also attached to the scripture app. It worries me that I am looking to that phone for so many things because, inevitably, it's going to fail me and then I'll be up a creek.

So maybe it's not necessarily technology that I hate, it's becoming dependant on it that I find so aggravating.

I need my pen and paper.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

To Phoenix and Peanut...

Dear Puppies,
I just wanted to let you know that the Davidson family loves and misses you. I never understood why people would be so upset about the loss of a pet. I mean, they're just dogs (cats, fish, hamsters, etc.) but unfortunately I understand now. I knew you wouldn't be around forever (though sometimes it seemed like it would be) but I never imagined you would be gone so soon. Too soon. Like "I feel cheated" soon.

Peanut, I'm sorry I didn't stick around to say good-bye. I thought it would be easier. It wasn't.

Phoenix, I'm sorry I did stick around to say goodbye. I thought it would be better. It wasn't.

There was no good way.

The vet had me sign a paper saying I understood that once it  was done, it could not be indone. I kind of laughed when she said it but she said I would be suprised how many people wanted to take it back. Once again, I understood. All the way home and for two days, I wished I could take it back. It just wasn't fair to any of us.

I thought we were all doing okay when I took the kids to the Petsmart. We were all missing you two so I thought it would help if we just went to see. It always seems like a good idea at the time. We were doing fine until we saw a black lab with the same white patch on her chest as Phoenix. Then we couldn't get out of there fast enough.

One day we want another dog, not to replace you, but because we feel cheated. As annoying as you two sometimes were, we were in it for the long haul but we didn't even have you for a year. What's worse is neither of you made it to a year either.

Eeny is sure that all lost pets will return at the resurrection and Phoenix and Peanut will be at the front of the line. I hope so.

I'll be waiting.