Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Whippin' Called Chemistry...

Do you ever feel like you truly understand what's goin' on, you get why this equals that and why you need some of this to make some of the other? That's how I felt about Chemistry.

I felt like I was totally getting it. I understood the formulas, the conversion process, cations, anions, covalent bonds, everything. And then I took my first test.

I guess I don't know as much as I thought I did.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Potential Blurb #2

"Lots of people have issues with their step-parents but the beauty of adulthood is the ability to put distance between you and them. I had been biding my time, only able to endure the last four years because I knew, eventually, I would be free of the man. Except that isn’t what happened. I had left but he wasn’t going to let me get far and he was going to great lengths to bring me back."

Just a Quick Note

I have posted the first chapter of PUSH to www.worthy of where anyone who would like to can go and read it. When I get 20 hits, I will add another chapter. Also, unless you have an account, you can't leave a review so if you do decide to read it please leave a review here or send me a Facebook message.

When you  go to the website, click on "most recent". I'm closer to the bottom of the page now. Anyway, Dear Reader(s), hope you enjoy.

Love Ya!!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Let's Try This Again

Once upon a time there was a woman named Diana (that's me) and she started a blog. Now Diana isn't what you would call a rocket scientist but she thinks she writes some pretty clever things. When she looks over past posts, she still laughs out loud. She doesn't get out much.

At any rate, Diana started a blog to chronicle her path to being published, her issues with ham, as well as some random but relevant rants but she never got any comments on these posts. She started to think she was the only one who ever read them and she started to feel sad.

Then one day, a woman named Julianne told her that she had tried to post a comment but the mean computer wouldn't cooperate. Diana thought maybe the computer was just pms-ing until Julianne told her a few weeks later that the computer still would not allow a comment. "What could be the problem?" Diana wondered but she isn't very bright as mentioned before.

Finally, Diana's sister in law (the one who taught Diana's brother how to walk upright and not drool -love you, Bro) said, "Diana, I read the post about your computer three times it was so funny but when I tried to comment, the computer wouldn't let me." Diana was overjoyed that someone actually read her blog but then she thought, "this posting tyranny must end." So she and Gwen fiddled with the settings and finally VIOLA! Diana posted a hello to herself.

Now Diana can rest easy knowing that two people read her blog and that, should they choose to, they can comment on her hilarious wit and relevent rants.

The End

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Racket Called College


I won't complain about tuition because compared to the universities it is nothing but I will complain about everything else.

First there are the books. Hundreds of dollars for new ones, almost hundreds of dollars for used ones that you can, maybe, sell back at the end of the semester. They also have this new thing where even if you do buy used, you have to buy an access code to do certain activities online. These things can be almost $100.00!!! Then there is the "binder ready" option, 500 loose leaf pages that you have to buy a three ring binder to put it in and the school will not buy those back. They are still a good hundred dollars.

Then, there are the lab manuals. The two I had to purchase this year are well less than the one I had to buy for Anatomy and Physiology. However, I used that manual for two semesters. You cannot buy those used.

New for me this semester, lab equipment. Goggles (vented, wrap around, not cheap), a lab coat (thankfully, I can use this huge, white, mens dress shirt I got for five bucks at Target), gloves (no latex for me, thanks. I break out.), lens paper, and microsope slides, masking tape, sharpies and... colored pencils? I do have to make sure my bacterium is acurrately drawn in my lab manual. Seriously.

While I'm on the subject, let me share this little tidbit. When I am trying to remember what a particular microbe or muscle or organ looks like, I associate it with things it resembles (to me). Because of this, I don't eat brisket (latissimus dorsi) or other foods I have unfortunately associated.

Anyway, I was looking at parasites and protazoa last night and realized I make these food issues myself (duh). For example, Bacilli looks like purple vermicelli. Spirilli look like Big League Chew, yogurt cultures look like poorly spun cotton candy and protazoans look like rice, green colored sugar and speckled bubbles.

Oh well. Whatever gets me an A, I guess.

Chin Up, Lass

I got my second rejection notice today. I was told it wasn't what they were looking for but they did tell me the title was excellent. At least I have that going for me.

I'll send my manuscript to another publisher next month. I'm hoping to have an LDS publishing company pick up my book. They won't pay as much as a larger company but that's not my aim. However, there aren't too many LDS companies out there so I may be trying other companies before too much longer.