Friday, September 2, 2011

Let's Try This Again

Once upon a time there was a woman named Diana (that's me) and she started a blog. Now Diana isn't what you would call a rocket scientist but she thinks she writes some pretty clever things. When she looks over past posts, she still laughs out loud. She doesn't get out much.

At any rate, Diana started a blog to chronicle her path to being published, her issues with ham, as well as some random but relevant rants but she never got any comments on these posts. She started to think she was the only one who ever read them and she started to feel sad.

Then one day, a woman named Julianne told her that she had tried to post a comment but the mean computer wouldn't cooperate. Diana thought maybe the computer was just pms-ing until Julianne told her a few weeks later that the computer still would not allow a comment. "What could be the problem?" Diana wondered but she isn't very bright as mentioned before.

Finally, Diana's sister in law (the one who taught Diana's brother how to walk upright and not drool -love you, Bro) said, "Diana, I read the post about your computer three times it was so funny but when I tried to comment, the computer wouldn't let me." Diana was overjoyed that someone actually read her blog but then she thought, "this posting tyranny must end." So she and Gwen fiddled with the settings and finally VIOLA! Diana posted a hello to herself.

Now Diana can rest easy knowing that two people read her blog and that, should they choose to, they can comment on her hilarious wit and relevent rants.

The End


Julianne said...

Tee hee! ;) Lovin' it!

Julianne said...

Wahoo! It worked!!!

Jenni said...

Yup, i've been reading and laughing and couldn't comment.