Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Deep Thoughts by D.P. Davidson...

How does one review her own work? Of course the author will speak favorably. What author would not? Would one be inclined to read a book if the author who wrote it said it was terrible? Yet, if the author speaks to highly of her own work it may well be seen unfavorably by others who see such comments as worrisome. I suppose tis best to let others speak in this instance.


Friday, June 14, 2013


My author page:

So awesome!!! I'm starting to feel like the real deal here.

I hit a minor snag last week, and as always happens I threw myself on the ground where I kicked and screamed like a spoiled child - not literally, though it is a valid concern. One day I will have the grace and dignity to navigate the rough spots with... grace and dignity.


In other news, the paperback version of my new work, Eterna, is almost ready. Momma's aren't supposed to have favorites, but I have to say this one is. I never thought I could love another book as much as my first, but I do. It's like being a parent, oddly enough.

Don't tell the other two. It could get awkward.

So in an effort to keep the grass from growing under my feet, I have begun another book. I'm so excited. As before, it isn't the one I thought I'd be working on, but who cares?!

Have a super duper day! I know I will.

Also, a small addendum:
Push, Push Back and Eterna are exclusive to Amazon for the time being. I apologize for any inconvenience.