Sunday, March 24, 2013

Something Awesome This Way Comes...


I entered a contest for self-published authors this week. So exciting! The grand prize is some monies which is nice, but the awesome part is the vast marketing of the winning book(s). The runners up get less monies, and less marketing, but more marketing than is currently available to me now. So, I entered.

I won't know until October, so I'll forego holding my breath, but some finger crossing and prayers won't hurt so...keep that in mind faithful fans.

Also I was perusing recently posted reviews for my new book, Push Back, when I came upon the most awesome review. I was so stoked! It was the most amazing review to date. I read it three times I was so amazed.

Here's the link in case you're interested:

In the meantime I continue to work on my next book with the goal of having it published by the end of June 2013. Watch for it!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Today Is A Wonderful Day...

Because it's Tuesday... Right?

No wait. It's Thursday. Po-tay-to, po-tah-to. Anyway, two interesting bits of information.

1. I was recently added to a blog showcasing mormon books and authors, because I am mormon and an author, so I totally qualify (yay!) Anyway, if you or anyone you know would like to read my work, or any other work that generally tells a smut free story (they can be told) here's the place to go:

Go take a gander. Then tell all your friends.

2. I had a fan request a set of books who lives in India. Being the awesome fan appreciator that I am, I sent her a set. Heaven help me it cost an arm and a leg. I've sent out no less than twelve sets and all twelve together didn't cost as much as that one package to India. So, until I'm raking in the dough, Ima hafta resort to in country post. Sorry, rest of the world. You can still get it on a kindle/nook/ipad/cell phone.

Anyway, I promise there will not be such a vast span of time before my next post. Pinky promise.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

One Month Later...

Wow! Time really flies when you're doing...absolutely nothing.

Well, not nothing so much as not the things I need to be. I've pretty well scrapped success for this semester, and I'm sure one day I'll regret that, but not today.

I have made a goodly amount of progress on my third book, and have almost gotten the cover ready. Yay!

Also, I have also been given the marvelous opportunity to have my books promoted at They will be on the site by Friday afternoon. It is a vastly valuable resource, and I'm super grateful for the devoted fan from my Facebook page who suggested I check out the site. I am exccedingly grateful for my fans. All three of them. You know who are.

At any rate, this post serves more as an update, thus there is no humor intersperesed as is my usual habit. However, the day is still young. I'm sure something hilarious will happen...