Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I Know How Cough Syrup Works...

I have this cough. It's an annoying and sometimes painful cough that really only succeeds in giving me a headache and testing my incontinance (I've had four children). I've been to the doctor twice now, my latest visit being yesterday.

At this visit I was prescribed an antibiotic (check), a precription cough syrup (check) and a shot of antibiotic in my aft end (chec...what?!). Whatever, he's the doctor. Anyway, I left his office with scrips in hand, happy that my cough might soon be bested. Also, I gave a healthy dose of self promotion for my book, Push by D.P. Davidson found on Amazon and Smashwords (oops, I did it again).

Anyway, the good doctor warned me that the cough syrup "might make you drowsy." I wasn't too worried because this cough has kept me awake for the last four weeks. Yes, I know, I should have seen the doc well before now. At any rate, I filled my prescriptions then, after a cough attack, went ahead and took a dose of that cough syrup.

I don't remember much after that. After only a half dose (it's a suspension and they gave me one of those neat measure spoon things. Suspensions are thick and I didn't feel like waiting the tens minutes necessary for it all to drip from the spoon into my mouth) I was out for three hours.

So cough syrup of prescription grade basically puts you in a coma until the antibiotic sorts things out.

I slept really well last night but early this afternoon I started aother coughing jag and I had to decide which was worse, the cough or the coma.

I can't believe it's four o'clock already. Where does the time go?

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