Sunday, August 26, 2012

Run, Forest, Run...

I was watching Super 8 last night and I decided... I want to be in a movie.

But not just any movie, I want to be in a movie where I get to run and scream and throw myself on the ground to avoid being hit by shrapnel that's airborne after some awesome explosion. I think that would be wicked fun. They wouldn't even need to use slow motion. I would bring my own.

However, the ground would have to be soft because I'm not as young as I used to be and I bruise easy but I can make scared face like nobody's business and I scream really loud, just ask my kids.

It would be so much fun! Imagine running and hiding and screaming and then going home to a safe warm bed. All the adrenaline, none of the therapy. It's a win-win.

Anyone wanna make a movie?

Also, here is a link for my book Push:

Read it, love it, review it, impatiently await the second half.

Carry on

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