Thursday, April 28, 2011

The End Draweth Nigh

but not nigh fast enough.

There are only two weeks left of this semester and I'm having to hunt for motivation to keep going. I was trying to finish reading for my Philosophy class yesterday and it progressed from "for all being kings as much as he" to blah, blah, blah, to I DON'T CARE!!!

To be fair, Philosophy and I have had a tenuous relationship from the start. I think there is some value to philosophy-ing but, like some many things, it has been taken to the extreme. Thus my slow burning disdain for Philosophy has turned into a raging fire of disgust and constipation.

Now, I know I should cowboy up and get it done but... Have you ever found yourself almost to the end of some dreadful experience that you have tried valiantly to soldier through only to find, when you get to the end, that all of your patience is just gone?

For example: You've put in your two week notice and you're counting the days until that two weeks is up, when the office whiner comes to perch on your desk and warble his (or her) complaints. Before you put in your notice, you would have been sympathetic or ignored him (or her) but now that you don't care about office politics, you direct him to shut his pie hole and get his hinder off your work space. That doesn't sound like something you'd do? Well good for you, but it happens to me all the time.

Would you like some cheese with that whine, you ask.

Yes. Yes I would.


Jenni said...

I'll bring the cheese as I am completely with you on this one. I'm super excited that the semester is almost over coupled with dread over looming exams and an absence of will power to properly study for them.

Chrystal said...

I can't wait for the semester to be over! I get my husband back!

Sorry about your loss of motivation. I was like that last semester. and the semester before that. and before that. etc. This semester is fine, though. I'm handling my one class like a champ! :)