Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Soylent Green is a movie, set in the future, where the population has outgrown the worlds resources. Charlton Heston is a detective who is trying to find out why one of the wealthiest men in the world has been assassinated. I just gave away the ending so if you haven't seen it yet, I'm sorry. But go watch it anyway. At the end, Charlton screams his discovery to the world as he's shoveled up and taken to the Soylent Green factory. He has a cameo in the sequel as a square green cracker. Ha! Ha!

I don't eat ham for the same reason.

The most common question I hear when I make that statement is "how do you know what people taste like?" I just do, okay! Actually, I don't but the last time I ate ham (about 13 years ago) I just had a most disturbing picture pop into my head as I masticated a piece of ham. It had been tasty before the picture but... Well, what can I say. At any rate, I don't eat it any more. However, I will eat bacon or porkchops, anything but ham. Does it make sense? Does it have, too?


Tania said...

So, my mind is now racing... I can't stop thinking about what the "disturbing picture" was that popped into your head, and I'm now disgusted by the disturbing, ham-associated pictures that are popping into my head... Thanks to you, I can now add ham to the list of things I don't eat... I'll file it next to BRISKET!

Chris said...

So I shouldn't bring ham croquetts to your house for Easter. It's GOUND UP ham breaded and deep fried...mmmm dee-licious!

Jodi said...

I'm that way about roast beef. When I was in college they used to serve roast beef that had identifiable blood vessels. I don't want to see blood vessels when I eat. I won't eat roast beef, ever.

Jenni said...

I still think of you often when I eat dinner, or sometimes breakfast. I think that is Derek's fave "Diana story".