Sunday, April 10, 2011

I finished the rewrite of my manuscript this evening. If all goes well, I'll send it out by Wednesday. One of the items the publishing company asked for was a resume. Um...I haven't "worked" for almost 11 years so I'm thinking they won't be terribly impressed with all the space left on the page where experience should be. However, if they wanted to know what I've been doing for the last eleven years...That would be a wee booklet, chock full of romance, adventure, danger, sadness, you name it. It would be an interesting read. For me anyway. Because in the words of PeeWee Herman "I lived it."

Which brings me to a random thought. I can't be the only person who quotes obscure movies at inappropriate times. I know I'm not because I had an A&P class with someone who shot random quotes at me. "Right turn, Clyde." (That one made me bust a gut.) So, if you're a random quote spewer, be proud! No longer hide in shame when someone looks at you blankly after a well placed quote. Remember, not everyone has the capacity for trivial knowledge. And "lots of people go to school for eight years." "Yeah, they're called doctors."

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Jenni said...

a.) I love that Tommy Boy quote
b.) At our Stake RS thing last Saturday there was a great presentation on resumes for stay at home moms (among others) so that you can list your qualifications without having those awkward gaps.