Thursday, April 14, 2011

Novel Inspiration

It's interesting how inspiration strikes and what can inspire. My Philosophy class this week brought on a flash of inspiration (though I wasn't inspired by the lesson. Sorry Professor). I was also inspired in my Anatomy and Physiology class on Tuesday. I couldn't find a piece of paper fast enough. Now, I can't share my lecture notes with my classmates because they're inner mingled with book notes (fertilization occurs in the fallopian tube as they tried to escape the boulder of doom).

I try to keep my notes and outlines all in one spot. It's a mess. I have a mini three ring binder with filler paper and page protectors so when I get that flashy feeling, I can scribble things down. However, many times I'm not home when that flashy feeling strikes so I scribble on what I can find. That's where the page protectors come in. I tuck those notes in the page protector that goes with each story (organized chaos). I like to keep the notes I made because I remember what I was thinking when I wrote them, which helps me get the story down. It also allows me to see how the story has evolved. One day, when I have all the time in the world (just this side of never) I'll be able to get all of the stories written.

 I was telling my friend, Madam C, last night that the worst part about writing is not being able to get the thoughts down as fast as they come. I'm a hunt and peck kind of girl. I've been typing this entry for five hours. Imagine how long it takes to type a manuscript.

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