Saturday, April 9, 2011

Maiden Post

Well alrighty.
There seem to be a lot of blogs out there. Especially devoted to writing. I got that picture when every catchy title I wanted to use for this blog had already been taken. I guess I'm showing up late for the party and all the guacamole is gone. Dang! That's okay though. I can't tell you how many accounts I have that I can't get into because I decided on a "cutesy" name that I promptly forgot.

On to business. I have written a book. Can I call it a book if it hasn't been published? (It's the details that always get me) At any rate, I have finished my first whatever you call it and am now preparing to send it to the first publishing company. I am totally excited (channeling my inner excitable puppy) while still trying to balance being realistic. It's not working. Oh well. So I guess, to anyone whose interested, come with me and let's see what we can learn.

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