Saturday, April 16, 2011

Time Marches On...Very Slowly

Well, it's been six days since I mailed my manuscript and I haven't heard anything yet. That's a joke. Mostly.

I have tried to fill my days with tasks that would keep me busy. I worked on small things like feeding my children, doing my homework, teaching my students and cleaning my house (I thought about that last one, anyway). My kids asked me several times when I would be coming away from the front door and my husband, Mr. D, asked if I planned to sleep there for the next several months. I told him to hush because he was talking too loud so I couldn't hear if the mail truck was coming. He smiled sadly and tucked me into my sleeping bag before heading off to bed.


Jeremiah "Guapo" P. said...

you misspelled "off". Where is my copy of the book.... spell checked of course.

D.P. Davidson said...

Now it's fixed. And you don't get a spell checked copy poopy pants! You get to muddle through mispelling and punctuation until FOREVER...forever...forever.