Monday, April 25, 2011

Coming Up Next, Your Local Weather

Expect rain and severe shingle removing wind gusts for the next six days.

It's perfect, really. Perfect for our insurance company. See, they only consider damage caused by each storm. So when we called last Friday to have them come assess the bald spot on the back of the house, they consider that one claim. Therefore, when the front of the roof was scalped yesterday, they told us that we had to open a second claim. So if we continue on this little dance WE will have replaced our entire roof by next month and they don't have to pay for any of it. See how that works boys and girls.

So what have we learned? We don't call in a claim until the roof is gone. Entirely.

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Gwen said...

Take a lesson from your smarter brother. Never fix yourself what you can get others to fix for you. See, when I was in a car accident did I take the 5300 and fix the car? Nope, I left it dented and cashed the check. Now if someone else hits it is will be paid for again. Whah haha. Am I going to spend the 500+ to fix my windshield because the dealer reduced the amount for that express purpose or am I going to wait until some fool breaks it and have them pay for it? You bet I ain't gonna do it. Again, never spend your money when you can get someone else to spend theirs.-Jeremiah