Monday, August 26, 2013

Family Fun Fest: The Sequel Part II...

Thank you for returning to the party.

Now where was I? Oh yes! Friday in Little Rock.

After our trip to the Museum of Discovery we hiked to a place called Heifer Village. This place provides livestock, water, nets and life training for third world countries. It is awesome. We did a scavenger hunt through the displays and learned about all of the awesome things The Heifer Project is doing to teach self sufficiency in others. Here is the link: Go check it out.

We trounced all around River Market in downtown Little Rock until the kids ran out of steam. They worked really hard this week.

We left Little Rock Friday evening after Josh got off of work and headed to Hot Springs. We stopped at the Mid-America Science museum...

...where we spent an hour or two. They had a "cave" exhibit where we crawled through long dark holes and traversed rope bridges. I realized I'm a little bit claustrophobic, and I had to work to keep myself calm. It was an experience that I don't think I'll repeat any time soon. Or ever. This museum wasn't quite as activity filled, but it was a nice visit. 
After that we found ourselves in Hot Springs where the springs are, indeed, hot. We visited one of the bathhouses, strolled through the national park (which happens to be in the middle of the city), and taste tested some of the water. It was hot.
There are fountains all over the city where people come with jugs of all kinds that they fill with the water. We met a couple from Arlington (they lived just down the road from us) who were filling jugs. The water must be good. That guy was buff!

And then we were ready to go home, so we did. With the A.C. cranked up as high as it would go. Hallelujah!


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kurt and angel blain :) said...

Shoot I can't even think about caves because it freaks me out. Seriously, scared. Sucks your ac went out but sounds like a saweet adventure!! So glad y'all make it back safe and alive!!!!