Wednesday, November 23, 2011

You Got The Write Stuff, Baby...

Well last week, I thought I'd gotten an honest to goodness response to my manuscript until it was explained to me that the company in question was a step up from a vanity press. Here's a short explanation to aid in mutual understanding:

A vanity press is a self publishing companies where the writer edits (or pays for the service) their work, creates the cover art, and pays to have to book printed which they then have to market and sell. The writer does all the work and maybe recoups their printing costs if they have a workable marketing strategy that they then, work.

The company a step up provides an editor, designs the cover art and prints the book. But the writer still pays the cost upfront and has to market and sell the book. Again, unless the writer knows how to market said book, they could be out five grand and have five hundred copies of their book sitting in the garage.

Neither option appeals to me at this point, even if I had the money. I think I'll just keep writing. Maybe when I'm dead, my work will be discovered and my posterity will receive the financial gain.

It could happen.

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