Sunday, November 6, 2011

How Many Writer's Does It Take To Form A Group...

At least three and the meeting isn't very long.

I went to my first writers group meeting thing last Saturday. Actually, it was the first meeting for all of us so I understand I am one of the founding members. That's actually kind of cool. Now having said that, I hope this thing takes off like a firestorm.

As I said, our first meeting was last Saturday and there were three of us. Our next meeting is in two weeks and there will be six. We've already doubled our membership and need a larger meeting place. Wow!!! Does that count as a firestorm?

Here's where I give you a little info. It will only be a little because I am the least informed of the group so I just smile and nod. We are a new chapter of The American Night Writer's Association (ANWA), a group started out of Arizona, for LDS women writer's. Any LDS woman who writes (this includes journaling) is welcome to come. The goal is to sharpen our writing skills, mentor and encourage each other. Someday, if we get big enough, our chapter leader said we may even have seminars with more well known authors.

This was the part where I smiled and nodded (I was just happy to be there).

So my LDS women author friends, come join us. And bring snacks.

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