Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mediocrity, Thy Name Is..


It's probably super wrong to admit, though I've been saying it all semester, but I really haven't tried very hard this term. I mean, I've barely studied at all and I still got the same grades I would had I tried. Now to be clear, the grades are the same but that doesn't mean the grades are stellar. See the title.

So it occured to me, why stress myself out when I get the same results anyway, just without the ulcer.

Then I realized it's not just school, it's everything.

Take my hair, for example. I get the same effect whether I flip and style and mousse and flat iron as I do when I just blowdry. Or keeping house. I threaten and plead and bargain but it's always marginally kempt. Why, why, why, do I run myself into the ground just to achieve the same results I get when I hardly try?

Anyway, I have managed a solid C in Chemistry and I was okay with that until my Professor told me I'm actually pulling a B so if I made a B on my final, I'd walk away with said B. I walked into that building calm and collected, thinking all I had to do was keep my C. After his declaration, I was a hot mess but I tried.

I'll bet I barely kept my C.

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