Tuesday, April 9, 2013

International Best-Selling Author...

Just kidding! It's only me, D.P. Davidson. I may not be an international best seller, but I do have an international fan. Only one, but it's a start.

At any rate, because I am an international, er, seller, I had an opportunity to send a set of my books internationally. To India. That was an experience. An ongoing experience. See, what had happened was...

I sent the package through the U.S. mail, but because it was international, I had to fill out paperwork that would send it through customs. Also, the address in question went something like this: "On Morris street, behind the bungalows to the left, apartment with the red door, India." I'm serious. My reader told me to put the address on the envelope exactly the way it was written.

That was last month, March 13th.

My sweet reader (almost) received the package two days ago. I say almost because the postman put it in her hands, and then snatched it back! He said it hadn't gone through customs. So even though she had it in her hands he took it away again. I want to know how he managed to have it if it hadn't gone through customs.

My poor friend was in a panic. She emailed me to ask about the customs paperwork. She spent hours on the phone trying to speak to someone so she could get her books. She was given several different numbers until she placed a call where no one bothered to pick up. Now she's written a letter to the customs office. She wants those books, darn it! And I'm pretty inspired by her commitment.

I really hope she gets them.

In other news, I went to my first book club wherein the book the clubbers chose to read and discuss was my very own Push Back. It was so awesome! I really enjoyed hearing the feedback these lovely women had to share. They expressed attachment to the characters, and the story which made my day because I love my characters, and want to share their story.

So thank you to the Fossil Ridge ward book club for your time and kind comments. Because of you, I think I'll keep on keepin' on.

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