Wednesday, April 10, 2013

When Banging Your Head Against The Keyboard No Longer Helps...

I was making my daily visit to when I saw the article entitled "5 Tips For Punching Writer's Block In The Face". I have been blocked for a bit now so I decided to read the article.

Let me just be clear. While I enjoy the articles on this site, they tend to "work blue," and quite often will dabble in the other colors of the rainbow as well. Therefore one must be very careful what articles one reads. Consider yourselves warned.

Now back to the article. The first point was to know what you write, which is a good policy, but the second one really got my attention. # 2: Accept that you're going to write garbage.

That hit the spot.

As most writer know, there are stages of the writing process. It goes like this:

Stage 1: Wherein the writer decides "I am a terrible writer".
Stage 2: Writer becomes more confidant as his work progresses, and decides "I'm a pretty good writer."
Stage 3: Writer becomes even more happy with his work, seeing the story (or article, whatever the case may be) really come to life, and declares "I am a GREAT writer."

Until Stage 4: Wherein the writer returns to the scene of the crime with clearer eyes and realizes "I am a terrible writer." End scene.

It's a vicious cycle I tell you. One that was nicely summed up in a meme my friend Joy (a fellow writer) posted not too long ago.

It is amazing how one can find inspiration in the most random and unlikely places. I've been stuck in the realm of "meh" (or stage 4 if you will) trying to find my mojo so I can finish my book and meet my goal when I happen upon the push (ha!) that I need. From a comedy website, of all places.

I guess this is one instance of the mountain coming to Mohammed. I wasn't going to the right places for help, so the help came to me. Which kind of makes me a moron, but is also kind of a testimony builder.

Also, I never said I wasn't a moron. At any rate, I feel my motivation picking up so I gotta go. I've got a book to finish ya'll.

Have a fab day!

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