Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Happy Tail Syndrome...

Doesn't that sound just wonderful? I mean, how can something so auditorily pleasing be bad?
I'll tell you how...

Sufferers of Happy Tail Syndrome are commonly dogs and their owners. I love Gus' tail. He swings that thing with nary a care which is where the problem lies. Gus suffers (though he doesn't seem to notice) because he somehow hurts the tip of his tail and makes it bleed.

I suffer because he leaves a bloody trail in his wake. Seriously.

Saturday morning, Mr. D informed me Gus had hurt himself. "Somehow your dog caught his tail on something," he told me as he held my pup in his arms. "There's blood everywhere."

My first thought? "Drama queen."

And then I went to the front room. Blood was EVERYWHERE.

It was a good day to clean the walls.

I spent half the morning cleaning up the crime scene and then the rest of the day trying to figure out how to bandage his tail while hindering his ability to smack it against the wall. A finger splint worked for a minute, until he got his tail going good and steady which disengaged the splint and sent it sailing across the room into my face.

After that I used a bandage which helped, but the glue pulls the lovely white hair out of his sit upon. One more application and the tip of his tail will be bald.

The only cure for Happy Tail is amputation so I guess we'll be keeping the bandage industry afloat.

In the meantime, call before you come over.

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