Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sorry, Wrong Number. Jerk...

My sweetheart, Mr. D, passed me his cell phone yesterday with a "listen to this." I put the phone to my ear, and my eyes grew wide in horrified surprise as my ears were filled with angry profanities with the occassional word thrown in. Something about her son or job or something. It was hard to filter through the garbage.

So, my sweet husband sends this text to the offensive number: "Not sure who you left 2 messages on this number for but you have the wrong number."

To which she replies: "B*^#@$ quit playing with me. GROW THE F@#$ UP and act like a F&#;$%#$ ADULT! ILL BE UP THERE TO YOUR JOB STUPID A@$ and it ain't gone be nice! Be ready."

My husband is the nicest guy in the world as illustrated by his response: "Seriously dude...check the number...and don't call or text this number again please...we don't use that kind of language. Thank you." Note the "please" and "thank you" this person clearly did not deserve.

She proceeds to call him again and leaves another hate filled threat rant. So I ask for his phone and tell him I will write a text and then hand it back. If he objects to it in any way he didn't need to send it, but writing things down usually makes me feel better even if the letter/text/email/ post never gets sent (thus the reason why I keep a journal).

So I wrote: "For the love! What proof do you need for you to realize the poor bugger (I used another word, but I'm the lesser of the two Davidsons) you're harassing is not at this number. I tried calling you back but your phone goes straight to (user's name here) voicemail."

She called back twice. Mr.D. answered the phone and she hung up both times. She hasn't bothered him since, but here's the dealio - it never occured to her to check the number. Yes, her baby daddy could have been messing with her, but why not check the number, just to be sure. I'm thinking "please" and "thank you" with a comment concerning her lack of language skills should have been an indication she got the number wrong. That or her intended reciever suddenly devolped manners, though which was more likely?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

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