Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Book Launch in Three, Two, One...

Hello  my lovelies! Long time no see.

I have been anxiously engaged in the finishing touches for my second book, Push Back, and everything is on track to meet my January 13th release date. Now we wait...

Just in case you're wondering, there are many wonderful stories rolling through my head and I intend to write them all. It would be a crime not to as they are all very interesting. To me anyway, but since one of my critics mentioned she found it very troubling when an author thinks so highly of her own work, I will keep all of my enjoyment to myself.

For now.

Also, I must set aside my favorite activity (writing you guys, come on!) for another semester of drudgery and homework - which is kind of redundant, come to think of it. One of my classes happens to be Composition so perhaps I will be able to best my old foe, Comma. How I loathe thee, Comma. I swear Mr.D changes the rules of comma placement just to be mean. I am a (mostly) college eduated woman, you'd think I could manage such a simple punctuation mark, but no. It makes a monkey out of me everytime.

Oh well. If I was awesome at everything there would be nothing to keep me humble.

On another note, I have been asked several times this week what I am working towards in school. Well a degree, obviously! I'm trying not to be ashamed of the associate-ness of it all, but it is a degree I don't have, so I should be happy. Except it has taken me well over two years to accomplish.

On the plus side, I will be done by December, and another plus is that I am only a few classes shy of a Bachelor's degree, but I just want to be done! I won't think about it now, it makes my head hurt.

Thus ends my word vomit detour. Anyway, time grows short, and my new book is on it's way into you're hot little hands, or e-readers, whatever the case may be.

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