Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Schooooools out for summa...

Sing with me! Schooooools out for eva. Not exactly. I still have a milllion years before I'm done but at least I have something to do.

My final final last night (that's right, I said final final) was 200 questions. No, they don't make a scantron with two hundred answers. You have to use two scantrons. Anyway, my exam had 200 questions and was comprehensive. Do you know how hard it is to dredge up sixteen weeks worth of information? It's a head compressing event.

Here's how it went down. After I answered question one (correctly, I hope), my thought was "only 199 questions left." After question two, "only 198 questions left", and so on until I completed the test. I can't remember most of what the questions were but I do know that I can count backwards. Little victories, see.

Then there was my Philosophy exam on Monday. I know I got at least two right. I know you're all thinking "Two?!" in a panicky mental voice so calm down. I'm sure I got more right, I just KNOW I got two.

See, question fifty-one only had one answer. Fifty-two also only had one answer but just in case that was too hard, Professor had written just under that "NO MISTAKE-The answer to question 51 and 52 is A." I had to laugh. When I got home I sent an e-mail to Professor, thanking him for the extra points. Then I asked him how many people will miss them anyway. He hasn't answered.

So now, I am free to focus on my next book. And I have several other books to write as well. I'm so excited! On a side note: It's been about four weeks since I sent my manuscript in. I'm hoping to hear back by August at the latest. Wait patiently with me. Uh, wait patiently for me.


Jenni said...

Good luck on everything. Are you taking any classes over the summer?
I have my last final for this semester tonght.

D.P. Davidson said...

No ma'am. I am taking my summer off. I need a break and time to write and enjoy my kids. Good luck tonight. You can do it!

Tania said...

Good luck with creating your newest literary masterpiece! Have lots of fun with your kiddos this summer!