Monday, July 15, 2019

If Cussing Were Wishes...

I really, really, really wish cussing fixed the things that were broken.

If cussing granted wishes, then I wouldn't have had to drive to Home Depot three times today. I would have been able to find the drill bit that I needed because it would damn well have been where it should have been instead of where ever it currently is. Cussing would have kept the weenie drill bit I ended up using from snapping off in the board I was drilling a hole in. Cussing would have kept the exact amount of wood that I purchased intact where it was whole allowing me to utilize the eight feet cut-to-two-four feet pieces that I needed, instead of leaving me with the one four foot, one snapped-in-two-thus-useless foot pieces I ended up with.

All I wanted to do was build a fishtunkin raised garden bed. It ain't rocket science. I'm not trying for whistles or bells or convoluted watering systems, just a freakin box on legs, but everything has to be a production. It can't ever be simple. Why?

I really should have known that a four foot tall raised bed was too tall, so that's on me, but dadgum if that wasn't the least of the aggravations of the day. At least I had a handsaw to cut the legs down (so my fingers and toes were never at risk) because my only other option would have been to gnaw them down with my own teeth as my circular and jigsaw would never have made it through the 4x4 legs.

At any rate, my end goal is to delve into utter madness by pulling up my already established garden beds so that I may place them on legs thereby creating a hindrance to weeds, reduce back strain for myself, and to restrict access to vermin as the fence and other tactics I have thus far employed have failed in their efficacy.

Here's something I'm pretty proud of. My brother and his wife came to visit and he helped me build this retaining wall on the side of the house. See, what had happened was, our house was built on a mound and as a consequence the earth had eroded to such a degree that huge sections of the foundation were exposed. That is a bad thing. So my brother and I built this retaining wall. I had decided to put plants in the bed to keep the soil in place and make it purty, but my brother's wife suggested strawberries!

This one time.

The other half of this one time.
I stuck my blueberries in there, too. They've been struggling. Maybe now they'll thrive. Or die. Honestly, at this point, I don't care. Just piss or get off the pot, man!

I haven't decided what to put in the second bed as it stays pretty shady through the day. I'm open to suggestions. So this was an amazing bond-y project to do with my bro. We have all kinds of plans for next year. So excited!

So why do I continue to put myself through such aggravation? Sometimes my projects comes out really nice. Eh, this one time it came out really nice. Ehh, this one time it came out really nice with out a mass of aggravation or multiple trips to Home Depot. Ehhh, I'll get back to you when I've figured it out.

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