Thursday, September 27, 2018

I Just Can't...

Here's a gem! Last night, Miney took Moe's half size Barbie to the bathroom to color her hair (the Barbie's hair and it gets so much better). After coloring Barbie's hair (with a purple marker, no less) she was left on a shelf over the toilet because, why not?

Sometime later, Eenie decided to use the bathroom for it's intended purpose and placed her cell on the shelf over the toilet right next to half-Barbie. After completing her task, she flushed the toilet and reached for her phone, accidentally knocking half-Barbie off the shelf. She tumbled into the swirly yellow depths and disappeared before Eenie truly understood the events she had set in motion, not that she would have tried to rescue half-Barbie from her fate had she been able.

Now half-Barbie is resting in a kink in our toilet, just waiting to return in a poo covered vengeance. My better sense says to get ahead of it and call a plumber, but my Luna vision says wait and see. When Eenie told me about the incident last night, I couldn't even laugh, which is seriously awful because things like this are hilarious. Luna has killed my sense of humor. Or maybe just tempered it a little as I found the humor this morning. Dang Luna and her dang need to eat all the dang hair all the dang time.

Does anyone have a snake I can borrow?

Have you seen me?

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