Tuesday, November 27, 2012

There Are Days...

When I am exceedingly, and unabashedly productive. They are also far and few between so I take them where I can get them.

Today was one of those days, and I shall dream of today's successes through the night.

Firstly, I got up. In the morning. Sometimes that is a big deal all by itself. After that I did that whole mom/teachery thing. Always a barrel of monkeys.

Now for the good stuff. I collaborated with my cover girl (not the makeup) on the cover for my second book, and it looks A-MAZ-ING. So happy.

After that I reviewed the corrections made by my first draft editor (I shall call her Eagle-Eyes Jerome, and she shall be my eagle eyes), and corrected all the "holes" to "wholes" and added a bunch of "s's" which are my achilles heel. AND THEN, I worked on the book.

I completed over 1,500 hundred words which equates to roughly five pages which, added to the 4,000 words over the last four days, comes to an entire chapter. Holla!

Somebody help me, I'm on fire!

And the neat-o cherry on top of this day o'productiveness? Cast thine eyes to the top right of this page. See that? It's my countdown widget. It's counting down the days until my book's release. And I can look at it without feeling a heavy sense of doom.

One final unrelated note: my son left his coat at my gramma's house over Thanksgiving. Realizing it would probably fit his own son before we got it back, she mailed it to us (so sweet). We got the box today, and it took twenty minutes to open. Every available corner was ducktaped into oblivion. We pretty much destroyed the box in our effort to get to the jacket, and you know what? The ducktape still remains intact. The box, not so much.

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